My name is Jon Torsch. I’m running for Portland City Council in District 2, and I’m a democratic socialist.

Democratic socialists are committed to ensuring that our economy is the servant of the public good, not its master. That means every decision I make on the Council will put the people of Portland first.

Portland is a unique city known nationwide for its neighborhoods, its beauty, and its hard-working people. Property developers, real estate industry professionals, and private business owners have infiltrated our City Council and exploited our planning board to buy our city up, forcing housing costs and property taxes up, and the people who work here out.

We need a Council that will advocate for truly affordable workforce housing, better wages, democratically controlled workplaces, and more access to public services like libraries and transportation. These aren’t politically radical ideas, but the moneyed interests extracting capital from our city would argue otherwise - and the politicians who have enabled this would as well.

A vote for me is a vote for Portland’s working class. Power needs to be returned to the people who live and participate in our community, and that’s exactly what I will do.